Magyar Cukor Zrt.

About us

Sugar, Starch and Fruit, these are our three business segments in Hungary.

In times like this, nothing is as important as the world we live in. Therefore AGRANA focuses on environmental awareness and sustainability as well as best quality and service. We offer our customers a wide range of individually designed products and services in order to meet their specific needs.Our creativity and flexibility is the key to our customer’s success.

Magyar Cukor Zrt.

Magyar Cukor Zrt.

Production site

Magyar Cukor Zrt. was established by five Hungarian sugar plants on July 1st, 1995. In 1996 AGRANA took over a majority share in the company and this step gives impetus to advance on the way to become a European player in the market.

With its sugar production capacity of 105,000 tonnes, Magyar Cukor Zrt. - with the last sugar factory in Hungary - has the biggest sugar production and sales quota in the country.


Management of Magyar Cukor Zrt.

Managing board

  • Sógorka Péter, member of the Board, responsible for Finance
  • Kovács Gergely, member of the Board, responsible for Sales and Marketing
  • Dr. Csima Ferenc, member of the Board, responsible for Raw Material

History of Magyar Cukor Zrt

Magyar Cukor Zrt. is the one and only sugar producing company in Hungary with a production quota of 105,000 to. 


Magyar Cukor Zrt is established by five Hungarian sugar factories.


AGRANA obtains majority in the company - the factory starts to develop strongly and intensely. Since then AGRANA has been submitting constantly the required know-how and investments. 


In November, a biogas producing plant is settled in the Kaposvár Sugar Plant which is unique in all over Europe. This equipment evolved by the engineers of the company utilizes those beet slices and refuses that come during sugar production as spin-off. The biogas plant brings 45-50% of the energy need of the factory in the processing time in a environmentally friendly way. 


The plant is expanded with a post fermenter and another big fermenter which are built along with a 50% support of the Hungarian State and the EU. As a result, the Kaposvár Plant produces more than half of the whole country's biogas production. 


The expansion of sugar production requires the building of a 60,000 to hemisphere silo in November. This is built with a unique technology in Hungary, as the 4th hemisphere silo in Europe, made of 3 billion HUF. Including this, Agrana invested 10 billion HUF in Kaposvár in the last four years, and is establishing a new packaging factory, a sieve station and a storage for finished goods for 5 billion HUF. 


Általános beszerzési feltételei





Hungrana Kft.

Hung­ra­na Kft.

Hungrana Ltd. was one of the first Hungarian companies to be privatised through the selling of the state-owned Szabadegyházi Szeszipari Vállalat became the 50-50% collective company owned by both Agrana International as well as Eaststarch (Tate & Lyle and ADM).

Our proprietors of solid capital are internationally renowned for their manufacturing of starch derivatives and starch progenies.
Considering the size and product range of our company, we are among the field leaders of European manufacturers; our corporation is the leading manufacturer of isoglucose in the European Union.

Our primary aims are to fulfil the demands of our customers on the highest level, to adapt to the changing market conditions as well as to provide impeccable service.

The raw material of our manufactured products is 100% corn, from which valuable products (starches, glucose, isoglucose, alcohol, and feed) are made through special technology thanks to the high carbohydrate content of corn.

Austria Juice Magyarország Kft.

Austria Juice Magyarország Kft.

Austria Juice

Thank to its large production capacity the AGRANA Juice Magyarország Kft. is able to serve his customers with high volumes of fruit juice concentrates, aromas and dried pomace.

Management of AGRANA Juice Magyarország Kft.


  • Zoltán Szigeti, Managing director (CEO)
  • Mihály Ulveczki, Financial director (CFO)
  • Péter Chrobák, Company manager

Austria Juice Magyarország Kft.

The plant of Austria Juice Magyarország Kft. in Vasarosnameny started its activity in 1994 under the name Wink Kft. Due to continuous developments it became the leading processing plant of the area. In 2005 the ownership was moved to AGRANA group. By the merging with the other two AGRANA owned companies of the country in August 2006, the present structure of the company was formed. During this the yearly processing capacity reached 1500 tons of daily raw material processing capacity. By this the company became the leading apple processing plant of the country.
An important task of the plant is to control the operation of the three Hungarian fruit processing plants. The unified professional control of our colleagues creates an enormous potential serving the ever increasing demands of the market.

The plant in Anarcs was bought by Wink group in 1999, and a dynamic development was started. Main points of development were the improvement of quality and enhancement of the processing capacity. Daily processing capacity is 1000 tons. This great capacity enables a high quality, flexible and efficient production, where the focus is on the demand of the customer. The professional control of the plant is organised from main plant in Vasarosnameny.

The plant in Hajdusamson joined the Steirerobst group in 2002 by merging with three companies under the name Hungariaobst Ltd. The Steirerobst group became a real AGRANA plant when joining AGRANA. During a production rationalisation in 2005 a capacity extension was performed; with this the daily capacity of the plant was increased to 850-900 tons. The reorganisation of the management was done in 2006 when the merging with the other two plants was completed. The newly added know-how gave new impulse to the plant, which in terms resulted in better efficiency and cost optimization. The experience in elderberry and other red fruits processing is a big strength of the plant.