Our proprietors of solid capital are internationally renowned for their manufacturing of starch derivatives and starch progenies.
Considering the size and product range of our company, we are among the field leaders of European manufacturers; our corporation is the leading manufacturer of isoglucose in the European Union.

HUNGRANA Ltd. was one of the first Hungarian companies to be privatised through the selling of the state-owned Szabadegyházi Szeszipari Vállalat became the 50-50% collective company owned by both Agrana International as well as Eaststarch (Tate & Lyle and ADM).

Our primary aims are to fulfil the demands of our customers on the highest level, to adapt to the changing market conditions as well as to provide impeccable service.

The raw material of our manufactured products is 100% corn, from which valuable products (starches, glucose, isoglucose, alcohol, and feed) are made through special technology thanks to the high carbohydrate content of corn.

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